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Posted at Monday, September 07, 2009

I have decided to abandon this blog for the time being till settings goes back to the original one.

I have shifted to http://balalogy.livejournal.com/ :D

11:22 pm

Posted at Friday, September 04, 2009

TGIF! It's yet another weekend to look forward to.
Well, weekend passes very quickly for me because it's already planned. I'm working harder on weekend then on weekday! But, nonetheless, i've always been enjoying coaching just that it can get physically tiring especially when the parents demands and the weather drains you down.

I had a really lousy week. It's just event after event and it's all not too pleasant. I'm cool about it i'm just unhappy why certain people reacted that way. Just let me rattle on my blog la. B'cos i do not want to drain the people around me down.

There is this kiasu mum who demanded on a particular date for test but i am just unable to produce any eithere they are all fully booked or you just got to wait and they think that by doing that, i am trying to drag it longer so that i can earn more out of it!It's beyond my control! ARGH! I just cannot stand parents who pay very little but yet demand and demand! ARGH, think it's really time i should pen down my requiremet and the regulations in this business. Just annoying.

There's just so many things that could be done better but it turned out otherwise.OK, things will be better this coming week. :) Keep on keeping on.

11:57 pm

Distractions just got to come
Posted at Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sometimes when you think that you're doing good and all, distractions just got to come. I feel so frustrated and i tend to want to sleep over the problem and i get really tired after the long sleep.

I have been very free recently, as such i had a lot of time to reflect and think.
Sometimes i hear from people complainning how hard it is to look for a lifetime partner in church and it's always easier to look for someone whose a non-chrisitian.
We often have this problem of whether or not they are being unequally yoked.

The singles are really left singles and sometimes i worry for them. They are in their late 30s and should they drag any longer,they will be a spinster for the rest of their life. This is quite a worrying factor at least in the fast-paced society today.

I went out with N last night and i must say i had an awesome night. He's got almost everything i am looking for, just that he doesn't have the God factor, there are people who are willing to compromise for anyone they like, but how would that make you feel better that now he's a christian because of you? Is he coming just for you and not for the primary sole purpose? Well...

Distraction pulls you away from the goal you've always been aiming. I feel distracted, frustrated, defeated, disappointed, discomfited, foiled, thwarted...

ALl things work together for good to those who love HIM and to those who are called according to his purpose. :)

8:57 pm

Demsey with my little gal.
Posted at Sunday, August 30, 2009

That friendship all started by this blog.
I rattle on my blog quite a bit, so during poly days, since everybody carries a laptop around, we blog as and when something significant happen to you.

So this is how the story goes: Miao Ling, this little girl stays very near me, everytime i board the train i'll see her! 1 time we met, we just smile, 2nd time we met, we smiled, but everytime i saw her, i knew that i'm running late! To cut the long story short, I saw her run on the green patch of field one fine day and she looked really cute, because of her tiny size! So, i found that really amusing, and i blog that down. Su Ya, used to be classmate was her current classmate and she told her about it, since they were sitting side by side. She read the blog and she burst out laughing because she knows she's the little girl that i am referring to!

With that incident, suya told me about it, so everytime we met, we would have small talks and those small talks became talks of what we'll do in future and she soon became the little girl i would look forward to meet every other day! 3 years of bumming into each other in the train. To be exact, she's my train buddy. That was how we met and became friends, msn and hp no. was exchanged.

Since we stayed so near to each other we decided to head out for some food. She passed her license for about 5 months and i passed mine for 9months, so being economical she picked me up with her Lancer EX, it felt so good! We head down dempsey and we had such a good time. It's as though an underage driver driving her dad's car out for a spin. Haha!

Thank You Miao Ling, haha. knowing you is such a divine thing! Just like that, we became friends, all thanks to balalogy. You know you rocks!

1:41 am

Posted at Saturday, August 29, 2009

The fact that i have been posing up quite a number of updates goes to show i am pretty available this season.

I am amazed by how happy my boss wakes up everyday being so positive!
He will say things like a great weekend awaits him, being successful and all. He mixes with people who are generally positive also! Many who commented are just as positive and believeing, there's this comment who caught my eye. This guy said he wakes up as early as 5-6am, so that he can make the best out of his time.
Wah, just amazing. It spices up my life to be able to work for a boss like that.

Just like what Kenneth said , the extra 1 minute you laze around in the bed can be that extra 1 min you do to make your life a more fruitful one!

9:48 pm

Wa, just very exciting
Posted at Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It was rainning cats and dogs everywhere but over at Alexandra, although it seems threatening, but we managed to go trekking.

It was initially thought as a slow-paced walk up, enjoying the scenary, but it ended off so rush, and the leader just kept rushing us all the way because mount faber's trek is very dark! Amazing... I am so lovin every part of the trek, perhaps just need to leave earlier in future. Just very happening!

After a long day,Gladys, Gin and I put away the formal clothes, the heels and put on that sporty attire, Eleanor came from home all the way just to join us for trekking. Just very happy, hahaha! More to come! :) We had such a great time at starbucks talking about the good ol' days and the many days to come. HAHAHA!
Whatever happens there, stays there! :-)

11:34 pm

Posted at Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This blogger template is kind of screwed up. I can't post any pictures! ARGH! At times, the blogger template changes but at many time, it will appear empty, just an empty plot of space for me to pen down my thoughts. Gee, time i change to livejournal or something else.

Brother sat me down to think through what i want to do in this 1 year till i get Univeristy next Year.It's the first time he sat me down for a chat. We talked till 12am, and we concluded there's only 2 things i should concentrate on.SALES/BIS. Honestly, i am quite happy i am able to sit down and think through what exactly is it that i want to do in future.

Till date, my dream is coming to pass and i am really excited!

I woke up early to go for a jog, i feel so refreshed! Even Daries asked if i slept very early last night? :) Awesome, i am looking forward to running every 3 times a week! Wee~ i am back to the excercise business! :)

If only, time will stand-still at the very moment. :D

10:33 pm

Posted at Monday, August 24, 2009

O wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death? Romans 7:24

Wretched woman that I am, deliver me out from this agony. Rachel 1:1

Argh, deliver me out from this pain, this tormenting agony.

It's just tormenting, trying to cut all ties but it just keep coming back, the sms-es just beep whenever you thought it's all over. Trying to put it to sleep. The call just comes in time whenever you are down-casted. The occassional meet-ups that no one knows, makes thy heart beats faster.

I am kind of tired of this. I'm very tired you know. It's like a typical taiwanese meteor garden, soup opera, an on going drama fiction. Just tired and will need to think through this whole series of drama.

9:46 pm

Life is on a standstill now
Posted at Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The hectic hectic rushing is over.
Well, i am feeling kind of bored.
SOT has always been rushing here and there, going for multiple services, making sure you serve, finish your assignments, done up with your bible reading, going to places here and there! Now that it's over, WAH!!!

I slept at my usual hour, 11pm-12am, I wake up at 10am yesterday and 830am today, feeling nonchalant, I was very motivated to hit the pool although i was supposed to be at work.I can wake up anytime i like, go to work anytime i like and go overseas anytime i like. How wonderful!

Now i can drag my friends to make them walk the mall with me till the sky turns dark, instead of the usual i need to head home to finish my assignments. When i finally drag my leg home, i stare into the computer, the computer stare at me. I do not know what exactly i have been busy with for the past 5 months. WHat are the websites i was on that kept me so busy? Well, i look at my computer and seem like facebook and blogs are the only links i visit. SO what have i been so busy with?

Okay for the next few months, i want to do some stuff.
1. Diving
2. SI
3. Boat-license
4. Wakeboarding
5. Head back to RP for lifesaving trainnings and fun.

OKAY, looking at it, this are like all water-related and i just can't live without it, my passion, my life, my everything!

10:43 pm

SOT - Graduated
Posted at Monday, August 17, 2009

Many asked now that SOT is over what's next?
Your plans? Hah, It's over and everything is status-quo.
I have lots of things to do now..

sorting out the books, spending the last few days with the foreigners, sending them off and admins at AIA is piling up. I need some time to catch up with my exercise regime. I have students waiting for me to teach, and ya i told them after SOT. I have testes to book for my students and i do not want to drag anymore. Lots of things to do. Uploading of pictures and tagging can take me many hours starring into the screen.

I must say the graduation ended off well. I really like our special item although after watching it for upteen times, rehershals after rehershals. Dancers, BVs, musicians, it was such an honour to be with them travelling from one location to the next. I was on the bus and i thought to myself. This is where lots of talented people are, i must breathe in the aura! Haha, and i really took in a Deep Big Breath.

Well, lots of friends made, Anita from Taiwan, Jessie and Candy from China, Anote and the other dancer from Nigera, Chun, the dance teacher, Gina the BV, Veroy the rapper, indian boy the rapper, Bevan the cheorographer. It was all very fun among ourselves.

But, i cannot help but to envy others who took so many pictures with their team-mates, cell groups and pastors! Ah, I miss it all, the sessions, the preaching, the testimonies, the special awards, ahhh! I can't help it but whine over it.

Now, give me some time to sort out my things, i should have time to spend time with people i hope. :)

11:43 pm


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